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What Makes Fabriano Artistico A Great Water Colour Paper?

If you love artwork, you need to be very careful about the water color paper you choose to work with.  The watercolour paper that you select determines the quality of your work.  If you want to have high-quality work, you must make sure that you select the best watercolour paper.  Fabriano Artistico is among the best watercolour papers that you will find in the market today, and it has become very popular since it ensures that you produce quality work.

What is Fabriano Artistico?

Fabriano Artistico is mould-made watercolour paper. It consists of 100% cotton, is acid and chlorine-free, which guarantees long conservation without being altered over time.  This artistic paper is usually sized internally and externally, making it a great absorbent and naturally retaining even when scratched.

What makes Fabriano Artistico a great watercolour paper?

There are so many types of water colour papers that you are going to get in the market today. However, you have to do all you can do to get the best water colour paper. Fabriano Artistico has become a very favourable water colour paper among so many people today.  In case you are wondering why this is happening, it is time that you explored some of the reasons why many people are choosing Fabriano Artistico over other water colours in the market.

  • It has an excellent quality

One of the most important features that you need to look for in the water colour papers you are buying is the watercolour paper’s quality. If you want to have high-quality work, you have to select high-quality water colour papers. Fabriano Artistico water colour paper is usually a great water colour paper since its quality is excellent. This is because it is acid-free, which makes it endure for a very long time.   When you paint on the Fabriano Artistico water colour paper, you are always guaranteed that your painting will last for a long time without any damages.

  • Superb content

The content of the water colour paper that you select is also very important as far as your work is concerned.  Most papers are made with water and cellulose fibres. If you want to have the best water colour papers, you should look for the papers made using 100% cotton, such as Fabriano Artistico.  This is because the cotton in these water colour papers makes them strong but at the same time pliable.  The Fabriano artistico watercolour paper may be expensive compared to those made with wood pulp or cotton plus other cellulose fibres. At times you may want the papers whose content allows for permanence, or you will be doing so much scrapping, taping, scrubbing, or masking techniques. In that case, you should choose Fabriano Artistico, which is stronger.

  • It’s mould-made

Water colour papers can either be handmade, mould-made, or machine-made.  Those papers that are machine-made are usually very cheap as compared to the others. Handmade and mould-made water colour paper is typically durable and stable. They also do not get distorted even when they are heavily washed.  The durability and stability that people find in the Fabriano Artistico are among the features that make them favourable among many people.  Also, they have irregular textures that make them pleasing for painting on. 

If you have never worked with this water colour paper before, it can be very hard for you to understand why people love it so much. Now you know some of the features that have made this a great water colour paper to work with.  It’s time for you to get it and use it in your work to improve the quality of your artistic work.

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