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Sippy Downs Childcare options

Parents in Sippy Downs want the best for their children. And they want a Sippy Downs childcare provider that can work with them to provide healthy learning and development for their children.

A happy, learning, and safe child, while parents work to provide for their families, is the top priority of parents in Sippy Downs. Sippy Downs’ childcare facilities offer varied options for parents to choose from.

Sippy Downs Childcare options

Three locations happen when it comes to childcare options. The varied location includes:

  • Childcare facility
  • Relatives taking care of the child at home
  • Non-relatives or relatives taking care of the child outside the home

Understanding the different types of available childcare in Sippy Downs helps parents find the best one suited for their needs.


A nanny can be a good fit if you don’t like to rush your child out the door every morning. The convenience a nanny provides is a regular schedule and more involvement with the child. Nannies are very dedicated to the childcare profession. Many of them even have child development formal education. Some activities such as cleaning and cooking for the family are chores nannies often engage in with families employing their services.

The difference between a nanny and a babysitter is probably their rate. Nannies charge by the hour and expect to be paid either weekly or monthly.

Daycare Facility

Childcare provided by a daycare facility either includes full-day or half-day care. Naps, activities, and meals are usually included in the full-day services provided by daycare facilities.

The structured setting provides children a host of opportunities for academic and social learning. Children allowed interaction with their peers under supervised care helps to develop their cognitive and social skills.

The varied monthly rates charged by daycare centres depend on the type of care they offer and their location.

Alternating parents care swap

Two sets of parents agreeing to alternate days of watching their children in addition to watching another parent’s child are the principle behind the alternating parents’ care swap.

This type of childcare arrangement provides convenience at no cost. It only needs working out availability, expectations, and cooperation between two or more sets of parents.

Family-run daycare centres

Someone else’s home can be converted into a family daycare centre. This type of childcare centre can be a neighbour’s house. The proximity of the location provides parents belonging to the same neighbourhood convenience like no other.

The rates charged by family-run daycare centres are cheaper compared to formal daycare facilities. Parents are often comfortable with this kind of childcare set-up because of the proximity of the location to their home.


Being paid by the hour is usually the arrangement between parents and babysitters. Babysitting services are available during the day or night, whichever is convenient for parents. Some of the responsibilities babysitters do include homework assistance, driving the child to his/her activities, food preparation, and putting children to sleep.

Au Pair

Au pair childcare service is provided by an individual coming from a different country and staying with the family. Often, an au pair already feels like a family member and caring for the children a part of his/her chore. Yet, families with an au pair pay for their childcare services.

There is no perfect childcare provider or services. Whatever works for the child and his/her parents is considered the best one there is. Contact us at Sippy Downs Early Learning to know more about our childcare services.

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