‘There’s never a dull moment at Urban Nation’s
exchange program, after a year in the planning
we were excited to finally make the journey.’

– Yasha Young, Urban Nation

‘Perhaps we just need to trust the artists
and let them experiment – unhindered – on canvas
or wall, gallery or street.’

– Penang Monthly

‘Once an abandoned bus depot,
Hin has evolved into an unlikely art space.’

– Time Out

‘The upcoming Urban Exchange project
will further position the city as an
platform for open public art exchange.
This is not merely an art exhibition but a
designed to open up public art avenues to local and international
artists. The aim is to show that art is no longer confined
within the spaces of art galleries and exhibition halls.’

– The Malay Mail Online

‘As is the case more often, with Urban Exchange
we are again seeing a new model of public art developing,
at the forefront of which are artists who have laid their
groundwork in graffiti rather than the university exclusively. ’

– Huffington Post