Contemporaryart centre that aims to support and nurture the new generation of emerging artists both local and international by providing a channel for their creativity. All artists in a variety of mediums such as installations, paintings, and performance are invited to utilize the space as a means to increase the exposure and appreciation of art in the local community.

HBD is committed to educate and  introduce local community to the contemporary art scene by organizing series of free workshops, sharing sessions and Q&A sessions with the artists and curators.

Hin Bus seeks to be a meeting point where artists/audience from different cultures and backgrounds can meet and learn from each other.

Hin Bus Depot supports and celebrates young talents.

Hin Bus Depot is all about curating cutting edge exhibitions and programs which pushes the boundaries of artistic landscape in Malaysia.

about hin 4

Hin Bus Depot is a contemporary art centre that was made of abandoned bus depot for a decade. We reconstructed the space which still has the authentic feeling. The gallery is not traditional white cube space. We have outdoor, indoor, semi-outdoor spaces, lawn areaa andoutdoor mural area.