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Five Benefits of Attending an Alternative School

Did you know that you can attend an alternative school instead of a formal school? Nowadays, several alternative schools offer completely different curricula from what learners learn in formal schools. Unlike public schools, alternative schools are meant to provide programmes that can favour or uplift a slow learner by focusing on personalised programmes. So if […]

ISO 9001 accreditation

Who Needs Iso 9001 Accreditation? The one thing that most business owners agree on is the need to continually and intentionally grow their business. This takes effort and investment. However, all these things sum up to the need to create value in service delivery and the production process. ISO 9001 standards are internationally recognised, and […]

Properties bound to the “Belle Arti”, why do they say that?

Today, however, this apparent imprecision is no longer completely wrong since, after years, that term, “Belle Arti”, has returned to be part of the (unique) wording that makes this highly-respected organization responsible for the protection of entire archaeological, historical-artistic and architectural heritage. For years “The Superintendency” has dealt with the historical-artistic and anthropological assets (then […]

The treasure of Como – Press release

The restructuring of the former Cressoni theater, in the historic center of the city of Como, has made it necessary to start an archaeological control activity of the excavation activities. The former theater Cressoni insists on part of the grounds of the convent of Sant’Anna, located within the perimeter of the Roman city. The identification […]