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Benefits of Family Daycare Kelvin Grove

The common options most parents in Kelvin Grove face when it comes to their children are centre-based care, long day care, and family daycare, Kelvin Grove. Choosing among the three options depends on parents’ goals for their children.

All three childcare options benefit children when it comes to early education. The importance of early education has encouraged parents to enrol their children in various preschool/childcare centres.

Yet, family daycare centres offer benefits that childcare centres can’t, to include:

Inexpensive and flexible

Flexibility and cheaper costs are the top benefits provided by family daycare centres.  A whole day’s set expenses are the usual routes of most childcare centres. Family daycare centres, on the other hand, computes their rate on a per-hour basis. Casual, before and after-school care is included in the charges between $8 – 10 per hour rates of family daycare centres.

Home environment

A family daycare centre may seem like a home extension to a child entrusted to its care. The home environment set-up creates a relaxing ambience for both children and caregivers. Programs and schedules have more flexibility compared to the structured plans of childcare centres.

Care is more personalised

The care is more individualistic with family daycare. Parents are asked right off about their goals for their children. For instance, focus on letters or reading is done for parents who wish their children to learn reading or become familiar with letters of the alphabet.

No separation of siblings

Big and small brother or sister can stay together while being involved in the various programs planned out for them for the day. Family daycare does not separate groups by age. The children all stay, play, eat, nap, and learn together throughout the day.

Less risk for acquiring various forms of illnesses

The smaller number of children enrolled in a family daycare also makes them less exposed to the risk of illnesses. The great number of children enrolled in childcare centres also makes them prone to acquire illnesses from their peers.

Accommodates more age range

Childcare centres typically accommodate children with age ranges between a few weeks old to five years. In contrast, children with an age range from a few weeks old up to 13 years old are accepted by family daycare.

Flexible hours

Family daycare is the best option when it comes to flexible hour care. They are ready to accommodate caring for your children before and after school, during evenings, school holidays, and standard hours. The centres can also be counted on for taking care of the kids during the weekends or overnight as the need arises. The flexible hours provided by family daycare make them the best option for parents whose work demands a lot of travelling.

Establishes lasting bonds with their care provider

Children entrusted to the care of family daycare often form lasting bonds with each other and their care provider. Being cared for together in one place provides this opportunity for children to adjust and establish unlikely but genuine friendships with each other and their educator.

Being able to provide for the family requires both parents to work. This common scenario makes family daycare centres a necessity for many families. While entrusting the care of their children to a family daycare can be stressful for all parents, it also offers the most viable option. Call us to learn more about the multiple benefits provided by family daycare at Kelvin Grove.

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