UX brought famous international and local artists together and pushed Penang’s creative frontier further. Hin Bus Depot has conducted athorough community research and 2015 festival programme is designed to benefit various shareholders of the state’s artistic landscape.

About and why?
Bridging the gap between George Town and Butterworth. UX 2015 will have activities and artworks in both towns helping to bring Buttorworth back to life and catalyst it’s industrial charms as an appeal for further artistic development.

Educating the public. UX 2015 will not only provide an opportunity for Penangites to see world class art, but also we will introduce a concept that public art is not only murals – we will create installations, sculptures, sound happenings.

Moving murals into more marginal areas outside of heritage zone to beautify otherwise a bit run down buildings. This will help not only to spread traffic outside crowded George Town, but also to point attention to other neighborhoods and the culture they have to offer.

Bridging the gap between Heritage and Contemporary. We will pair 7 Malaysian artists with 5 local artisans for a three-month collaboration to create contemporary artworks using heritage techniques. It will help to create a connection between different generations of Malaysian artists and also to showcase Malaysian talent in a new, cutting edge way. All artworks will be part of an exhibition in Hin Bus Depot.

Foreging partnerships. Hin Bus Depot represents the energy of the young, so it is vital to learn from the more experienced and share knowledge. Therefore, for UX 2015 we will be partnering up with Thinkcity, GTWHI, Japan Foundation and other cultural institutions to create an all-inclusive festival that gives a voice to community, but also brings a cutting edge art into Penang.

Creating opportunities. We will conduct a series of free workshops, artist talks and panel discussions to provide community with an opportunity to learn from the best artists in their field.