by gabijazilionyte

Nafir is a street artist based in Iran and interestingly creates mostly stencils on a number of Tehran walls.
Witty, motivating and direct – his style just speaks out for its self! 

The eloquent street artist admits to having a double life — one as a common Iranian with a normal day job and another, at night, as an illegal street artist who goes around showcasing his artistic masterpieces in public spaces.

Barely a day goes by without him spray-painting a piece of art and these are not graffitti but pieces that express his feelings about certain incidents in Tehran. Even though his works are usually erased by the Iranian authorities within a 24-hour period, Nafir continues on with what he calls his fight against oppression.

The artist now has a huge online following so he is extremely careful about keeping his identity secret, he has never granted any interviews with any media nearer to home and his self portrait is a stencil man with a large X on the face.