by gabijazilionyte

Sabek is a Spanish street artist, based in Madrid. He paints alone or with friends, sometimes adding a sentence to his artwork. Sabek has become in the last years a key actor in the Spanish street art scene, painting figures inspired by nature.

‘I just like to paint, I do not like classifications. I paint a lot more on the streets than in my studio, in fact, I have few pieces of artwork. I started at 16, scribbling my name on the walls, just for fun, it gradually took hold of me. Everything inspires me, daily stuff, but very often some unstable or difficult moments of my life, they really stimulates my mind. Many, usually I paint animals, linked or being in themselves a black mass, pyramids, skulls. I gave shape to my art while my art was giving shape to me, today it’s a big part of my life.‘