by gabijazilionyte

Hiroyasu Tsuri was born in Yokohama, Japan. In 2004 he moved to Melbourne, Australia and in 2013 he again moved, this time to Berlin, Germany. As an outsider in each of these countries, where language has always been an obstacle, Hiroyasu has turned to his art practice into his voice.

In 2004, Australia, Hiroyasu started to spread His recognizable animal charactered painting all over the Melbourne’s walls under the name of TWOONE. Since then painting walls and murals become part of his life, as he travels internationally to new cities,countries, and places. He always leaves his mark in the form of small street drawing to full building sizes mural. Hiroyasu’s work often shows ‘animal headed human bodied creatures.

2.Cychedelic 2.dremscape_of_kloster_strasse 3.6gidance to new begining