Month: September, 2015


DTFD has been documenting life in 35mm format for the last ten years.
Inspired by the intensity of directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson,
he conveys a narrative to the audience with a single frame. Samuel enjoys creating
a raw connection between his subject matter and the viewer. His intent is to
imprint on the subconscious, leaving a message and feeling ingrained within.

His most recent works examine the inequalities and diversities we all see in society,
with hopes of creating discussions and widening individual perceptions.

“We see inequality everyday, and i hope to get people talking and becoming
more aware of each other on a long term. By displaying how beautiful other
people are, and how connected we all can be,
I think we can all see a global change in consciousness.”


UX 2014


Louise Low, a Malaysian artist aspires to bring about improvement to the stature of women in society. With an aim to produce artworks that depicts determination, perseverance and optimism, she look into the past to construct the future in what she perceives as a modern society that accepts women as equal partners.

mirror boat


Jun Ong is an architect-artist based in KL. He have just returned from London after architectural studies/work and decided to pursue a new path in the arts realm. Being in Europe for two years was an incredible learning curve for hi, and has allowed him to experiment his ideas across various mediums and platforms.

‘Personally, I have not seen many lighting installations inspired by KL or Penang and also displayed in an urban context and I think this would be an interesting and unique experience for Malaysians. People were intrigued with the piece as it also flickers selectively, becoming a performance piece at the same time. The nature and size of the installation also creates a eye-level interaction with the audience, while being able to illuminate a vast area of space albeit small in size.’




Jesús Moreno’s (a.k.a. YES) has been highly evolving through painting. Rising from graffiti and autodidactic methods; always being inspired by the 20th Century masters of painting and the 2000s colourful graffiti. He focus on geometry, shapes, colours and the connections between them.



yes m




Sabek is a Spanish street artist, based in Madrid. He paints alone or with friends, sometimes adding a sentence to his artwork. Sabek has become in the last years a key actor in the Spanish street art scene, painting figures inspired by nature.

‘I just like to paint, I do not like classifications. I paint a lot more on the streets than in my studio, in fact, I have few pieces of artwork. I started at 16, scribbling my name on the walls, just for fun, it gradually took hold of me. Everything inspires me, daily stuff, but very often some unstable or difficult moments of my life, they really stimulates my mind. Many, usually I paint animals, linked or being in themselves a black mass, pyramids, skulls. I gave shape to my art while my art was giving shape to me, today it’s a big part of my life.‘







We are looking for enthusiastic assistants to join the Urban Xchange crew and become
an integeral part of this years festival.

If you have the skills you think we will need then hit us up.

UX team




Hiroyasu Tsuri was born in Yokohama, Japan. In 2004 he moved to Melbourne, Australia and in 2013 he again moved, this time to Berlin, Germany. As an outsider in each of these countries, where language has always been an obstacle, Hiroyasu has turned to his art practice into his voice.

In 2004, Australia, Hiroyasu started to spread His recognizable animal charactered painting all over the Melbourne’s walls under the name of TWOONE. Since then painting walls and murals become part of his life, as he travels internationally to new cities,countries, and places. He always leaves his mark in the form of small street drawing to full building sizes mural. Hiroyasu’s work often shows ‘animal headed human bodied creatures.


2.Cychedelic 2.dremscape_of_kloster_strasse 3.6gidance to new begining


DALeast is a Chinese born artist who keeps his name a secret. He has been making art since the very young age of three years old. His unusual paintings, which are sometimes hundreds of feet across, look three dimensional and appear to have been created out of thousands of minuscule metal shards.

The dark imagery found in DALeast’s art is undeniably captivating, woven with intricate detail while focusing on the simple subjects in his pieces. Each of his pieces of art is created using paint to look like thousands of metal shards are comingtogether to form beautiful shapes, often animals or humans. Within every piece of DALeast’s art, a pop of color observed in the background brings his subject to life. This allows him to focus on the intricacy of his technique while delivering his final product. The use of fractured imagery and contrasting backgrounds serve to give his art a breath of energy and soul that can sometimes be lost in art with a more somber subject matter.






International art superstar, even though born in 1987, Vhils has done museum shows in Lisbon, Brazil, Paris, London, Shanxai & many more places. He has also created a music video for U2 and is concidered to be among TOP10 world artists under 30.

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. His groundbreaking carving technique – which forms the basis of the Scratching Surface series and was first presented to the public at the VSP group show in Lisbon in 2007 and at the Cans Festival in London in 2008, has been hailed as one of the most compelling approaches to art created in the street in the last decade.

452188_d8e9b849310d4da2af5ba5ff064ede85.jpg_srz_764_509_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz   london-street-art-5